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Water Pump Bearings (116)

A water pump bearing is a device used to support the end of the water pump impeller shaft. Fitting securely around the impeller shaft and tightly into the water pump housing, the water pump bearing is designed to withstand the stress and load placed upon the water pump shaft by the engine's accessory-belt drive system. In many cases, the water pump bearing is charged with performing double duty as a bearing for the rotating impeller shaft as well as a seal to prevent the coolant from leaking out of the water pump housing.

The style of bearing used in the typical water pump is a sealed bearing. The sealed bearing allows the component to hold the coolant inside of the engine without seeping out around or through the bearing. The bearing is commonly pressed onto the water pump impeller shaft since the fit is extremely tight. The outer surface of the bearing is known as the race. This is commonly machined to a slight angle on a water pump bearing to allow the bearing to better resist leaking.

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