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Water Filter (31)

Diesel engines have commonly been equipped with at least a basic water filtration device, which filters the water/coolant solution in the coolant system.

The addition of a water filter head and filter can provide significant benefits to the engine, including:
• Extended water pump life
• Maximized cavitation corrosion protection
• Extended coolant life
• Improved heat transfer
• Improved thermostat durability
• Lower cooling system maintenance costs
Despite the fact that it is estimated that up to 40% of diesel engine repairs arise from problems beginning in the coolant system, and a large portion of these problems could be prevented by the use of water filtration.

Today’s modern diesel engines and coolant systems face many challenges. Ongoing governmental emissions regulations continue to drive the performance of engines and coolant systems. Due to these changes, coolant systems face many demanding conditions. Each water filter should be carefully tailored to provide the proper protection and chemical additives.Close attention must be devoted to system maintenance.Water filtration is more important than ever. Coolant systems require more protection and proper additive protection than in years.