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Vibration Damper (57)

The engine uses a vibration damper to reduce the crankshaft stresses to a safe value.

The viscous (fluid) type damper is employed where the equipment which the engine powers requires frequent speed and load changes. The viscous damper provides faster response to load and speed changes and high temperatures have a less adverse effect than on the rubber type damper.

The viscous damper assembly consists of a sealed outer shell. an internal flywheel and a quantity of highly viscous fluid. The small clearance between the flywheel and the outer shell is filled with the fluid which causes the flywheel to be driven upon acceleration and permits it to "freewheel" upon deceleration.

During operation, the outer shell, which is firmly attached to the crankshaft, turns at the same speed asthe crankshaft, its motion being transferred to theflywheel through the fluid within the shell. Removing Vibration Damper Assembly "fluid-drive" is more or less inefficient with frequent (Viscous Type) speed changes. considerable slippage of the flywheel will take place as the power impulses are transmitted through the crankshaft. In this type of operation. The slippage is desirable since the acceleration and deceleration of the flywheel in the damper lessens the amplitude of the vibrations, thereby reducing their effects to a point where they are not harmful to the engine.