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Steering Pump (94)

Most modern cars contain power-assisted steering devices. These devices make turning the wheels of a vehicle easier. This power-assisted steering technique is accomplished by using a power steering pump, which is driven by the engine of a car through a belt-and-pulley device.

The power steering pump uses hydraulics to push fluid into the steering gear box. This fluid is used to assist in turning the wheels of a vehicle. When a driver turns the steering wheel, small ports open up in the steering shaft, which provides high-pressure fluid that assists the shaft in turning the wheels.

A power steering pump requires special power steering fluid to perform correctly. This fluid is similar to engine transmission fluid and should be changed on a periodic basis. Most manufacturers suggest that power steering fluid be changed after 40,000 miles of usage.

Cars with assisted power steering should be easily turned while the car is operating. The power steering pump only functions when the car is running. In the event of a failure in the power steering unit the vehicle will become difficult to turn because the assistance will be lost. Difficulty in steering may also occur if the power steering fluid level is lower than recommended.

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