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In an automobile, a steering wheel manages the directional movement of a vehicle. This wheel is connected to a special rod, which use a steering gear to turn the axles in the car. When the steering wheel is turned, the rod rotates the gear, which then pulls or pushes the axle in the required direction.

The steering gear design was first created with the Ackermann steering geometry, which forces the wheels to turn based on a road and gear design. This design is necessary to ensure that both wheels are turned simultaneously at an euqal distance. The gear, which resides in the gear box, moves the axle rod horizontally based on the rotation of the steering wheel.

There are many forms of steering available in automobiles today. These include rack-and-pinion steering, manual steering, and power steering. Each form of steering requires a steering gear to manage the directional changes of the automobile. This gear is typically enclosed within a gear box that provides lubricant for the steering arm area.

When a steering gear fails it causes the wheels of the vehicle to rotate freely without control from the steering wheel. This is a dangerous situation that typically occurs when the steering gear wears out. The most obvious sign of gear failure is the reduction of wheel movement with turns in the steering wheel. If this happens during driving conditions the operator should slow down as quickly as possible.