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Push Rod (20)

A push rod is a part of an internal combustion engine that rests in the top of a valve lifter and goes up into the rocker arm. As the lifter follows the cam lobe, the push rod actuates the rocker arm and moves the valve, opening and closing it to allow fuel and air in and exhaust out of the combustion chamber. The push rod, being hollow, also channels oil up from the lifter and out of the rocker arm. This oil cools the valve spring as well as lubricates the rocker arm.

On some vehicles, the push rod operates within the constraints of a valve guide. On these applications, the push rod must be hardened to withstand the contact of rubbing the guide plate. If the push rod is not hardened, it would be ground thin and would bend. By hardening the rod, it can tolerate the friction with no ill effects or damage.

Another important function of the push rod is to center the rocker arm squarely over the valve tip. If the rod is too short or too long, the rocker arm will not sit on the center of the valve tip. This will cause damage to the valve tip and the rocker arm and will hinder performance from the engine. Many engine builders use an adjustable push rod called a rod length checker to measure the proper dimensions of the push rod needed for a particular application.