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Oil Gauge Tube And Dipstick (198)

A oil dipstick is one of  measurement devices used to measure the oil level in internal combustion engines.

It's necessary to ensure that there are enough oil in the engine, because the oil can reduce the friction between the internal parts of the engine which can prolong their service lift.

General engines have oil check mouth, the right way is: after the engine  stop working and coolng off, take a dipstick, clean it  with  dishcloth or toilet paper then  plugged it  into the engine to the bottom, and then take it out and watch the oil level position,gernally speaking, the oil quatity is regular if the oil level position is between the top and bottom limitation. If the position is bellow the bottom limitation, it means need to add oil, if the position exceed the top limitation, it means there are too much oil in the engine.