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Keys (62)

A key is a machine element used to connect a rotating machine element to a shaft, through this connection
 the key prevents relative rotation between the two parts and allows torque to be transmitted through.

 For a key to function the shaft and rotating machine element must have a keyway, also known as
a keyseat, which is a slot or pocket for the key to fit in. The whole system is called a keyed joint.
 A keyed joint still allows relative axial movement between the parts.

Commonly keyed components include gears, pulleys, and couplings.

There are three main types of keys: parallel, Woodruff, and tapered keys. Parallel, tapered, and
Woodruff keyways can be produced on a milling machine. End mills or slotting cutters are used for
parallel and tapered keyways, while a Woodruff cutter is used for Woodruff keyways. For internal
 keyways that are not too long, the keyways can be milled if a radius is acceptable.

One of the earliest forms of keyseating was done by chiseling. The keyway is roughed out using
 a chisel and then filed to size, the key is tried frequently to avoid over filing. This technique is long,
tedious, and rarely used anymore.

Key is widely used in automobile, machine tool, tractor and agriculture machinery.