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Fuel Supply System (2711)

Fuel supply system is to complete the fuel storage, filtration and conveying. According to the requirements of combustion engines’ different working conditions, inject fuel oil into the combustion chamber at cetain time, in certain quantity, under certain pressure and in certain quality to make it mix with air quickly and nicely. The commom fuel supply system is composed by fuel tank, air filter, fuel injector, fuel pump that is installed in the fuel tank, fuel filter and other components.

The task of Diesel Fuel Supply System is to supply the cylinder with clean diesel oil on the basis of certain rules and requirements in in each work cycle according to diesel engine’s work order and the requirements of different working conditions, then the diesel oil and air form an combustible mixture which will ignite itself and release the chemical energy that is contained in fuel, ao last converts this enerqy into mechanical work through the crank connnecting rod.

Gasoline Engine Fuel Supply System’s task is to mix the gasoline that is atomizated and evaporated (vaporization) and air into a combustible gas mixture by a certain percentage, then supplies the engine cylinder with different quality (ie different concentrations) and different amounts of combustible gas mixture according to the requirements of different engine’s working conditions, so it is convenient to ignite the combustion gas to make it work as the the compression comes to en end, finally discharges exhaust out of the cylinder into the atmosphere.