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Cylinder Liner (402)

A sleeve or liner can restore proper clearances to an engine which can protect the cylinder walls from being  very worn or damaged from use.

A sleeve is installed by a machinist at a machine shop. The engine block is mounted on a precision boring machine where the cylinder is then bored to a size much larger than normal and a new cast-iron sleeve can be inserted. The sleeves can be pressed into place, or they can be held in by an interference fit. The interference fit is done by boring the cylinder (between 3 to 6 thousandths of an inch) smaller than the sleeve being installed, then heating the engine block and while hot, the cold sleeve can be inserted easily. When the engine block cools down it shrink fits around the sleeve holding it into place. Once a sleeve has been installed the cylinder needs to be finish bored and honed to match the piston.

Sleeves are made out of iron alloys and are very reliable.

World famous brand: SKF®, KS®,  IZUMI®,  CLEVITE® .