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Crankshaft Flywheel Group (451)

Crankshaft Flywheel Group is composed by the crankshaft, flywheel, pulley, timing gears and other components. Generally crankshaft is composed by spindle neck, connecting rod journal, crank, balanced block, front-end and back-end,etc. It is used in match with the connecting rod to convert the gas pressure against the piston into rotary power which is passed into the chassis transmission mechanism. Meanwhile, the drive gas distribution agencies and other assistive devices, such as fans, pumps, generators and so on. Flywheel is a large disc-shaped spare part with the engine which is installed on crankshaft’ rear  section, it has a larger moment of inertia, has the following features: store up the partial energy generated from the engine’s power stroke to overcome the resistance of the other stroke, so that crankshaft can rotate uniformly; the clutch installed on the flywheel can connect the engine and vehicle transmission system; is has gear ring bonded with the starter to faciliate the start of engine.