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A vacuum servo is a component used on motor vehicles in their braking system, to provide assistance to the driver by decreasing the braking effort. In the USA it is commonly called a brake booster. A Brake booster is an enhanced master cylinder setup used to reduce the amount of pedal pressure needed for braking. It employs a booster set up to act with the master cylinder to give higher hydraulic pressure to the brakes and/or lower force applied on the brake pedal through a brake booster pushrod.

The brake booster usually uses vacuum from the engine intake to boost the force applied by the pedal on to the master cylinder, or may employ an extra vacuum pump to enable it. Without the engine running the brake pedal feels very hard and ineffective on the braking capability.

Although not as common as a conventional brake system fitted with a vacuum booster, many vehicles are now equipped with hydraulically assisted boosters for the brakes. The system uses hydraulic pressure generated by the power steering pump rather than engine vacuum to provide the power assistance required in a conventional system. This application is particularly suitable to vehicles with diesel engines as a separate vacuum source does not have to be provided for the system to operate. Because the system uses fluid pressure from the existing power steering pump the booster uses the pressure from the fluid that is always circulating through it, as the source of pressure that applies against the master cylinder actuating piston.